Coverage is considered to be unaffordable if the lowest priced Bronze-level health plan available to you through the Marketplace in 2015 is more than 8.05% of your household income.

The total cost to you must be more than 8.05% including the premium tax credit you would qualify for if you enroll in that plan.

If you qualify for this exemption, it may apply to everybody on your tax return who doesn’t have coverage in 2015. You’ll find out when you fill out your return.

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How to claim an exemption because 2015 Marketplace health coverage is considered unaffordable

If the lowest cost Bronze level Marketplace plan available to you in 2015 cost more than 8.05% of your household income, you qualify for a health coverage exemption.

This means you don’t have to pay the fee for any months you are uncovered in 2015.

How To Figure Exemption.

Find the lowest cost plan available Then divide that number by 8.05% then multiply that number by 12. if your income is lower than that number you qualify for an exemption